A Balanced Life: How To Have It All With Style, Grace, Peace, and Priorities

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It’s important to take things as they come, and it’s true, we can’t stress the small stuff. Or at least we shouldn’t. No news there, right?

But how many of us apply the wisdom we’ve learned from youth or this very moment? We hear advice, or we read something inspiring, and think, “Yeah, that’s great. I should do that.”

But many of us don’t “do that” good, positive, or productive thing.

Instead, we make less than productive choices on a daily basis, and then we wonder why we sometimes find ourselves in a not-so-productive place in life.

The point is clear-cut: Let’s start applying what we know to be sound advice with positive thinking and good choices. Such decisions lead to a healthier life, many times of mind, body, spirit, soup, and career.

Know a good thing when you hear it, see it, or create it. Focus on the good, and things get better; concentrate on the negative, and things get worse.

That’s why it’s always important to learn how to follow the uplifting path, to stay on that road less traveled and to become a frequent flyer in the sky of enlightenment, by keeping your feet on the ground and by applying to everyday living what you know to be good advice.

Many times the good advice you hear or read about in one area will lead to producing, thinking, and living productively in every area of your life.

In the process, however, we must refrain from keeping company with those who seem to embrace negativity. It’s been said that “misery loves company,” and in many cases, that is true. But if misery does indeed love company, just imagine what joy loves? Nothing but more joy — which you will bring into your life simply by being joyful, even when sometimes in the midst of what might not be a very joyful situation at all.

It’s a choice. We all have choices: Every day, every hour, every moment, every second. So, make sure those are good choices. And you make those good choices by studying how other joyful people have succeeded. Life does not have to be a rat race. And the rats don’t ever have to win, and you certainly don’t want to count yourself as one of the rats.

Instead, think of yourself as a magical unicorn, filled with wisdom and grace of the ages. And don’t think of life as a race, but as a trot; better yet, a beautiful, long walk where, yes, you stop along the way to smell the roses. Such a path will always lead you to your highest potential.

And when you’re walking that path, and as ideas come to you for which you are to follow through, do so by not causing or planning any harm to others.

If your idea for a particular consumer product, for example, will somehow bring joy and productivity to others, the Universe will support your decision to manufacture that idea to have it come to fruition.

It has been said that we have the ability to create success out of everything we think and do. Again, it comes down to choice. Choose to be a success, knowing full well that your dreams will come true, and the Universe will support that decision. Choose failure, to think negatively, and the Universe will support that decision as well.

It’s up to you, who you listen to, what kind of advice you embrace, and which kind of advice from which you turn away. And in choosing which way to go and who to listen to, always consider the source.

Is the person offering advice a positive human being? Do they care about the world and others? Or are they a negative human being, who quite simply, does not care about anyone else but themselves?

Listen to your heart to find the answer. Listen… carefully and calmly.

In each case, you will reach your highest potential, by making good choices based on sound advice from a sound, joyful, and successful human being. Applying to your life and career what you know in your heart is the right thing to do.

Living in this way is ultimately conscious meditation when you think about it.

So, start thinking about it.

Make your good thoughts, and the good thoughts of others, work for you in every corner of your world.

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Originally published at motivation.media.

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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