A Cool Head, a Forgiving Heart, and an Understanding, Intelligent Mind

Just some thoughts from an Italian about true leadership qualities

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Each of us, at one point or the other, will have the remarkable opportunity to display true leadership qualities, be it at work, play; in government, religious, community, or family positions, or any given, elected, or personally-appointed position of hierarchy.

In this increasingly complicated world of ours, we must be sensitive to the needs and perceptions of all peoples, of every culture and heritage.

I am of Italian heritage. I am very proud of my culture. I love the art, the literature, and the style of every measure of Italy, and I will stand with that dedication.

But if some pure-hearted soul, who does not happen to be of Italian descent of any measure; if such an individual accidentally speaks what may be interpreted or perceived, correctly, or incorrectly, as a racial slur to my Italian heritage, because of my personal upbringing, education, and value system, combined with only my best intentions for the highest good of all concerned, I would forgive that individual.

My decision would be based on an even-tempered, mature, well-studied exploration of that individual’s personal history, mixed in with the love and respect that I have for humanity, and my understanding of every truly good spiritual and religious belief.

I would not rush to judge, or make any rash decisions, especially if such decisions might affect the livelihood, family and general welfare of the individual in question; and also especially if I was in a leadership position where others would look to be for counsel and guidance.

In such a leadership position, I would realize teaching moment that would surface for me; that I could not only change the life of the individual in question but potentially the lives and opinions of all of those who look to me for reassurance and sincere leadership.

That is all.

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