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According to some who have “died” and lived to tell about it, there is an alleged scenario that mystically culminates at the end of life that, while leaving massive gaps for both scientific and esoteric debate, nonetheless, offers a joyful measure of hope.

When we leave this world, we purportedly travel through a proverbial “tunnel,” and go on to have what has come to be known as a “near-death experience.” This “NDE” continues with a “life review,” during which we, apparently, or maybe better stated, transparently, observe 3D-like moving pictures and sounds of the earthly existence we just left behind, as if watching a big-screen TV (most likely HD or plasma-enhanced!). If we get it right, we move on into the “light.” If not, we are returned to the present life, or we try again next time, depending on whether our intended strategies and objectives for this life, ranging from a supposed A-to-Z plan, are fulfilled.

With regard to Elizabeth Montgomery, it’s safe to say that she got it right. This time out, she lived her A-life. She excelled with a remarkable life and career that interlocked and overlapped with aplomb. In this median point between scenes, on screen and off, the term lifework has most likely never so fittingly described an individual’s vocation; for indeed, and indeed, her life worked.

Elizabeth’s appeal as an actress and as a human being remains timeless, despite the fact that she herself was not immortal, at least not in the traditional sense. Although no longer with us, she remains vibrantly alive every time any one cell in the kaleidoscope of her magical performances is seen or heard, viewed or reviewed, discussed or chronicled. Be they comedic, joyful, provocative, dramatic, adventurous, shocking, or mysterious, each of these visions or sounds, like each measure of her personal existence, is forever stamped with her indelible mark of enchantment.

Hopefully, in structure and principle, in pictures and words, and maybe with just a dash of stardust and fancy, the previous pages have accented that theme by attempting to focus on and showcase the performance core, the essence of Elizabeth Montgomery — The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery. If so, that too seems to fit, specifically within the realm of the artistic literati. Elizabeth herself so very much enjoyed the art of reading — a favorite past-time that was encouraged by her father. As she once so delightfully told Screen Stars Magazine about this fond endeavor, “I don’t get enough of it, and I love it.”

Assuredly a good measure of Elizabeth’s countless fans feel exactly the same way about her.

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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