All Of My Dreams Have Come True. Now What?

Reveries and Reflections From A Dream Weaver

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I’m kinda’-sorta in an enviable position. But not really.

I’ve met everyone I’ve ever wanted to meet, and interviewed everyone I’ve ever wanted to interview and pretty much written about everyone or everything I’ve ever wanted to write about.

That is to say, I still enjoy writing. But my passion for writing really began with my passion for classic television. And when it comes to classic television, that’s really where the “I’ve met/interviewed/written about everyone/everything I’ve wanted to” part comes in.

Certainly, there are other topics, subjects, and people in life that I would like to write about and/or meet. But after more than three decades of dedicating my life and career to writing about/covering classic TV, my passion projects are dwindling.

Which brings me to another dream come true:

Having my own TV show, with my name in the title, no less.

That would be “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato,” a new classic TV talk show that Shout! Factory TV began streaming (July 1st, 2019) on Amazon Prime and other media outlets.

I’ve wanted my own TV show ever since I was a little kid.

And I guess many people have wanted their own TV show since they were little kids.

The sacrifice to making that actually happen, however, has been mammouth. And maybe that’s the main reason why many who say they want to reach a particular goal, be it hosting and/or starring in their own TV show, potentially never reach that particular goal.

And if so, that’s because they’re living their lives…the way people should live their lives, by moving towards maturity in relationships and associations in marriage, family, business, and so forth.

Somehow, I escape those realms, or maybe they escaped me. I’m not sure.

All I know for sure, as Oprah might say, is that I’ll be turning 60-years-old (on October 9th, 2020), and I have nothing of what this world calls secure. No home to own. No spouse. No kids. No steady job or steady income.

But in place of those, I have, as mentioned from the onset, met/interviewed/written (M.T.W.) about everyone I’ve wanted to M.T.W.

It all started with The Bewitched Book, which was my first book, a companion guide to the classic 1960s TV show starring Elizabeth Montgomery as the “witch with a twitch.” That book was published in 1992 by Dell Publishing, and over the next thirty years, it led to my publishing of more than 12 other books.

Into that mix, and during that time, I appeared and consulted on and/or produced several TV documentaries, either for TV or DVD release.

Organizing various TV-related live events ensued which, in turn, led to my hosting of Then Again with Herbie J Pilato.

While many of my friends and family members were getting married, getting jobs, purchasing homes and having babies, I was staying single, working freelance, renting apartments and rooms in other people’s homes, while giving birth to books.

In the process of that all, too, I served as primary caregiver to both of my parents in their elderly years. And trust me, I didn’t do that for the money. There was no estate, no annuities, no inheritance, no nothing. I cared for my Mom and Dad, God bless ’em because I loved them. And I couldn’t see God, or whatever awesome, beautiful being that runs the Universe, ever abandoning me or my goals for not abandoning my parents.

Again, I do not have anything of what this world calls secure.

But what I DO have are dreams that came true.

That was the pay-off minus the big pay-day.

But, oh the dividends in other ways.

The spiritual peace. The satisfaction of seeing my books online and in bookstores around the country, and in some places, around the world. You can’t buy that kind of tranquility or achievement.

Well, I guess maybe you can, with self-publishing, etc. But you know what I mean.

But the question still remains:

“Now, what?”

I guess the answer will surface as it always has in the past after every other dream has come true — against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, none the least of which was a truckload of naysayers.

“Herbie J — you’ll never get into Aquinas” (the prestigious high-school I attended in my hometown of Rochester, New York).

But guess what? I did get into Aquinas.

“Herbie J — you’ll never make it to college.”

And not only did I make it there, but I also made it into Nazareth College of Rochester, one of the foremost higher education facilities in Upstate, New York, if not the country (or the world).

“Herbie J — you’ll never make it into U.C.L.A.” (even as a Visiting Student in TV & Film).


“Herbie J — you’ll never become an NBC Page”


“Herbie J — you’ll never meet Elizabeth Montgomery.”


“Herbie J — you’ll never get The Bewitched Book published.”

Check and double-check!

“Herbie J — you’ll never form your own nonprofit organization.”

Check. (Thank you, the Classic TV Preservation Society. Even though I will soon be closing you, these last ten years of operating you have been tremendously rewarding.)

“Herbie J — you’ll never have your own TV show.”

Check. Check. And triple-check…as a second season — and a spin-off! — are now in the works!

But now what?

Dang it! Maybe love and marriage and maybe even a “little Herbie J” in the baby carriage might still be in the stars after all.

THAT’s “what”!

So, I’ll keep shooting for THOSE stars!

Yeah. That’s the ticket.

And in the meantime, if maybe not resting on my laurels, I can certainly be grateful for gathering them, having my dreams come true, and being blessed in so many other countless ways.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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