Blaze Your Own Trail…

Herbie J Pilato
3 min readOct 18, 2020

…the Sky’s the Limit

You can’t wait for people to give you one single opportunity; you have to make your own opportunities (in plural).

In other words, you have to blaze your own trail, without limitation, because the sky’s the limit.

That’s right.

Your potential to succeed with everything in life depends on you, and your initiative; your ability to make connections; to network, to create, to love, to choose wisely, to invest in all the right opportunities; to know the difference between a smart decision and a not-so-smart decision; and to have patience, understanding, and discretion along the way.

Yep — it’s all about you, but in an unselfish way — which means you will succeed without limitation by placing others, first.


You needn’t be.

Here’s the dealio:

It’s all about you — but it’s not.

It’s all about others — but it’s not.

It’s really all about us and everyone.

As long as everyone does their part in the big-picture scheme of things; as long as everyone takes care, and I do mean “care,” of their own little corner in the world, things usually work out for the entire planet.

But doing your part, and taking “care” of yourself must somehow involve others, for the highest good of all concerned.

But you can’t seek to do for others; to take care of others, with the intention that doing so will somehow benefit you.

It’s important to do for others when there is nothing in it for you.

And that means respecting the decisions, on every level, and in every category (except the categories that cause others violent, law-breaking harm) such as the three biggies of the day:

Politics, religion, and sexuality.

Just leave people, be. Allow everyone the opportunity to make their own choices; just as you should allow yourself to make your own choices; and seek the freedom from others to make your own choices.

In either case, the Universe will bless you if you are unattached to the outcome, and f you simply place others first.



Herbie J Pilato

Herbie J Pilato is a writer, producer, and TV personality whose books about life and pop culture include THE 12 BEST SECRETS OF CHRISTMAS.