Donny & Marie: Entertaining Angels on Earth

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Two bright lights continue to illuminate the global entertainment platform: Donny and Marie Osmond.

This most famous brother and sister performing team in history — stemming of course from the massive and charismatic musical Osmond family, first brought their combined talent to mainstream audiences with their Friday night variety show on ABC-TV in the 1970s.

Today’s audiences all these years later are still blessed with their sense of whimsy and the surreal with each new live performance, whether Donny and Marie appear in Las Vegas, or any number of entertainment centers around the world.

Near-mythical figures, Donny and Marie’s talent, humor, humanity, generosity, and pure loving-kindness are legendary. They are entertainment icons in the highest sense of the term, and their astounding show at the Pantages no less than delivered the proof in the pudding of their spectacular capabilities as performers.

Their individual and universal sense of song, style, dance, and comic timing — mixed with their pure hearts and intentions — made for a breath-taking show, one for which their half-century of hard-work, raw talent, and graceful likability has fittingly prepared them.

Wherever they perform on the global arena these two vibrant souls glitter their outer and inner glow, fortunate audience members do not merely watch a Donny & Marie show — they experience it.

For example, at one the show a few years back, Donny and Marie separated and ran up and down the two main center aisles of the theatre at which they were performing. Donny whisked past the audience with energetic enthusiasm, while Marie’s luminary presence graced the other side of the expansive room, as both somehow made certain to “reach” each member of the audience in one way or the other. It was soon confirmed that any audience member who attends any of their performances are in the presence of angels — the real kind; the kind that employs their gifts for not only the entertainment of the masses; but for the betterment of the global community.

Donny and Marie Osmond have always utilized their God-given talents and public personas to bring more than just a smile to the countless faces of their blessed fans; but they have always brought immeasurable joy to the world wherever they sing, dance, and entertain.

Each time any audience member hears their harmonic voices sing tune with their signature grace and elegance, it becomes immediately and abundantly evident just how good a mood God was in when creating the living legends of light known as Donny and Marie Osmond who, without a doubt, are Heaven’s great gift not only to Hollywood — but to the world.

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