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I’ve been intermittent fasting since I was a kid, before it was known as intermittent fasting and became the hip and healthy thing to do.

I simply would eat when I was hungry, and not when it was “time” to eat…for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I never had breakfast before arriving in class at school, and while everyone else in my family drank orange juice, I would insist upon grape juice.

I somehow inherently knew the benefits of drinking grape juice, before the world discovered the benefits of one of its main ingredients: resveratrol.

Although much choice for grape juice probably had more to do with drinking it because Pebbles Flintstones was pushing grape juice on TV’s The Flintstones.

Either way, I would never eat anything called “baloney,” with any drink.

It never smelled right, and it definitely never sounded right.

Any form of sliced coconut used to make me gag, and I always chose chocolate milk over white milk when the snack cart came by during class in grammar school.

By the time I reached high-school, I insisted that my Mom make me only a tuna fish sandwich — with premium brand Bumble Bee albacore tuna. And I would settle for nothing less for my entire four years of high-school.

That is, until one day, late in senior year, when I looked at my tuna fish sandwich and said, “I can’t eat this anymore.”

I would return to enjoying tuna fish sandwiches later in my life until I learned about the mercury poisoning and how tuna came from beloved dolphins.

Today, I’m backing to holding off on the tuna.

My only real “downfall” as a kid when it came to eating was fast-food hamburgers. I used to loved McDonald’s, Burger King and a place called “Carrol’s” (a franchise that was later bought out by Burger King).

Loved all those french fries, too, and those devilishly-fake apple pies.

I loved hamburgers so much I used to order three of them whenever I would visit McDonalds, etc. My order, each time, was “Three hamburgs [not “hamburgers”], an order of fries, a coke, and an apple pie.”

Every time.

Then there was that one night in college when I decided to break some kind of record and order one hamburger at each different fast-food joint in site. That was pretty silly, not to mention disgusting.

Thankfully, I know better now…and I try to choose more wisely.

I still every once and a while have a hamburger (at least once every 18 months). But I really don’t miss ’em.

There are so many other healthy choices of delicious foods out there, all of which I ingest mostly when I’m hungry…and not because it’s the right time of day.

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