Every Positive Random Thought I Could Think Of — In One Big Scoop

An accumulative list of uplifting words and perceptions

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I’ve written books and cleaned toilets. I’ve hobnobbed with movie stars and cashiers. I’ve enjoyed french fries and escargot. I haven’t done it all, but I’ve done a lot. And through it all, I’ve always tried to be as “really me” as I can be.

With that said, and for those who follow me on social media, either through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or via my UPBEAT! Newsletter, I make every effort to compose, post, or share as many positive thoughts as possible.

Below is an accumulative list of a few of the thoughts I have posted or shared over the last few months.

I hope that at least one or two of these perceptions somehow make you a smile, and inspires a little joyful, productive insight on the side.

Stay safe and healthy — and thank you for reading.

You can’t expect someone to understand your particular life experience, situation, or perspective if that person or group of individuals has never gone through that experience.

You can’t expect a rich man to understand a poor man’s plight unless that rich man was once poor.

You can’t expect an accountant to understand how to dance unless they’re a dancing accountant.

You can appreciate and respect any individual’s perspective just as much as you want them to respect and at least “be understanding” of yours.

“Understanding” and “being understanding” are two different things.

“Understanding” and “being understood” are two different things.

As long as there is a “mutual understanding” of respect between all parties, great points, and beautiful compromises can be made, along with great relationships of every description — all of which results in peace and contentment for all concerned.

Forgive the self-involved, and self-absorbed. They have either been told how beautiful and wonderful they are their entire lives, or they’ve become so bitter by life’s struggles, that they have closed themselves off from the world.

The self-involved have been “spoiled” beyond measure, in more ways than one. They don’t know how to see past their nose, despite their face of indignation.

Lead the way by example — by loving-kindness — which melts the hearts of all and the walls between them.

If you have been blessed with purity of body, mind, spirit, health, and riches, you are not one of the “lucky” ones, but rather, one of the “lovely” ones.

There is no such thing as “luck”; there is only love.

A person’s true character is defined by loving someone who has absolutely nothing to offer them or someone who doesn’t adore them.

Be the hope in someone else’s life. Tell them how great they are — even if you’ve never seen one good thing they’ve ever done or accomplished. Your simple encouragement could change the course of their life. You could be the reason they do their first good and great thing.

We’re all doing the very best we can. But you know what helps things along? Being really, really sweet.

We all have bad days. Make no mistake about it. Nobody’s perfect. But in the midst of the bad, there is that spark of eternal good. Hold on to that…and watch the bad go away.

I’ve always preferred grape over orange juice and pumpkin over apple pie. Mustard over ketchup, And I never liked baloney — eating or hearing it.

It so very much hurts when we don’t hear from the ones we love. But we must receive and accept the message……and move on.

More times than not, right before you hit it big, you either quit or let some goofball make you feel unworthy. Stop that.

If two out of three people “like” or “love” you on or off social media, listen to Meatloaf. “Don’t be sad — two outta’ three ain’t bad.”

It’s okay that someone once loved you only for what you could do for them and then left you. Now the path is cleared for your true love.

God doesn’t give a flying fig if you’re white, black, straight, gay, female, male, transgender, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Vulcan. To love is all that matters. How you do it or define it is irrelevant.

Even if you bring just a little Light to just one person, you’ve done your job in this world — and you’ve done it well.

Pay no mind to naysayers. Don’t give ’em any energy. Just be energized
by the “YAY”-sayers!

There’s something magical about the carefree spirit. We all have issues and complications, some more severe and serious than others. But with the less severe and less serious (a.k.a.: “the small stuff”), the healthy response should always be, “Okay, alright, no problem.”

You may have wonderful things to say and share, but you have to say and share them with the right crowd.

Be carefree, be delightful, be easy to live with, and be easy to work with. Overall, just be as cool as the other side of the pillow.

How you treat people in life and work and play is all connected. And whatever you do in each case comes back to bless or bite you, and surprisingly not always by way of the original path.

The best past-wrong you could ever right is by being as loving-kind as possible to everyone you meet in the present.

Faith is for knowing; not hoping.

You either have faith, or you don’t. There are no “in-betweens.”

You can’t worry and have faith at the same time. That’s not how it works.

Love the gift-giver; not the gift.

Bless every blade of grass along your way…

Nurturing. Let me say that again: Nurturing. Those are the kinds of people you want to surround yourself with. Loving-kind, sweet, compassionate, supportive, nurturing people…in your life and in your work.

Fight fire with water.

There’s a spark that lives inside you, which can only be ignited BY you. So, fire it up!

The only path to follow is the path to Love.

Everything you need will be found along the way.

Forward motion only and always.

Take care of the people in your life, and Heaven will take care of you.

Remember — a piece of pumpkin pie every once and a while isn’t gonna’ kill you. But a massive, daily slab of red meat will. It’s what you eat or don’t eat, or drink or don’t drink, on a daily, consistent basis is what will determine your happy health or your early death.

During my daily walk, I talk with the trees, the leaves, the stones, the curbs, the driveways, the streets, and every blade of grass I see…every cloud in the sky or clear blue view. I say hello, and thank each of them for “being there” for me in every which way…whether providing me with the safe ground to walk on…or the oxygen and the air to breathe.

This is what I say:

Thank you, dear animate and inanimate objects, all. Bless all of you for blessing me.

Here’s one of my favorite prayers:

Thank you, God, for granting me first the wisdom and understanding to appreciate and focus on the good things, while never ignoring the challenges; thank you for my health, for my family and friends; for my education; for all the food I’ve ever enjoyed, all the love I ever shared; all the laughter I ever laughed, all the smiles I ever smiled; all the hugs I ever embraced, and all the Light I ever shined or that was shined upon me; thank you for all the jobs I ever worked; all the objectives I’ve ever met; all the money I’ve ever made, been granted, shared or given away; thank you for all the restful nights of sleep; all the safe walks home, the safe car rides, the safe plane rides, the safe travels; thank you for all the dreams that ever came true, and all the dreams I ever dreamed; thank you for the favors granted, and the favors received; thank you, God, for all the sweet caresses; and intimate understandings; thank you for blessing me with the courage to stand firm for ever good thing in which I believe; for the strength of my convictions; for all the inspiration; and for teaching me to respect the opinions, creeds and beliefs of others. Thank you for all the blessings I have ever received at any level and in any capacity; thank you, God, for life, and everything.

In my humble opinion, Goldilocks got it right, and what she learned can be applied to every aspect of everyday living. We should all be “not too hot….not too cold….but just right.” In other words, we certainly can be passionate about our life and work. But not overzealous. We certainly should be even-tempered and calm, but not under-zealous. Or, as I have posted several times before, we should just be as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Bless your life…by not cursing others.

The kinder you are the more beautiful you become.

The sweeter you are the sweeter your piece of the pie. That’s how it works.

“You’re the best person in the whole world.” That’s all you ever have to tell anyone you love.

No one gets to define you, but you.

Stop trying to pick those apples from that peach tree.

You’re not really gonna’ give all those haters who want you to fail the satisfaction, are you? “H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks NO!”

There will be those who say, “You can’t cut it in life” or “You don’t have what it takes.” Just smile, walk away, and then succeed.

Mean what you say; say what you mean.

Remain loyal, and keep your promises.

What We Should Have All Been Taught As Children — and What We Should All Teach Our Children Today:

Do your best in whatever you attempt, and in every attempt, you will succeed. Always have forgiveness and Love in your heart, and your needs — whatever they might be — will never go unfulfilled. Be a beacon of light to everyone who chooses or refuses to see you. In doing so, your carefree spirit will glow, you will become a magnet of peace, and the world — and everyone in it — will become your graceful and protective shelter. Know that you are Loved — and that you are a beautiful child — in a world filled with other beautiful children. More than anything, realize that you are no less or more perfect than any other child — and that we are all equal in the eyes of Love.

If you’re in too deep, then climb out of the muck, and BREATHE!

Some people are addicted to conflict. Don’t be one of ’em.

If you’re gonna’ be addicted to anything, be addicted to joy…or happiness…or generosity…or peace…or Love. But Real Love. Not the schmaltzy kind.

Dedicate your life to something good. Volunteer. Feed the homeless. Pray for peace. Or just be kind. As I’ve said previously, it doesn’t cost a dime to be kind.

It’s been said that just one child raised by two loving-kind parents to become a loving-kind and peaceful contributor to society, brings more grace to the entire Universe than any of us can imagine.

Everybody needs a day off. Take it.

Don’t let anyone rain on your parade or tell you who’s to be in it or where or how you’re supposed to march.

Be conscious and grateful for every little thing. And lose the arrogance.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you feel Loved.

You’re outgoing, or reserved; witty or bright. Either way, it’s called having a “personality.” Embrace it!

Be sensitive to the needs of others. Be aware that the lives of others might not be pleasant or full.

And let each of us appreciate whatever blessings we have, be they subtle or grandiose.

We all want to make our mark in life or receive the stamp of approval for our work, our product, our words, our actions.

Ambition is a wonderful thing when it is utilized properly; when our gifts to write, sing, dance, count, or candle-make somehow bring joy to the world.

Our accomplishments mean nothing if, in the process of our attainment, we do not learn or share anything about Love.

Encourage everyone to Love.

These are trying times for many. But in the midst of the turmoil, be it mild or severe, please find a moment to smile.

We’re all in this world together. We’re all doing the best we can. And we’re all children of the Light. Every single one of us…around the corner and around the world.

When you find someone who loves you more than their career or their hair — marry them.

Life is all about demanding respect, honoring your talents, and those who can benefit from those talents, and balancing humility.

No one has the right to take away your freedom of choice.

You cannot heal a wound with salt, or douse a fire with coal.

Whether you’re 23, 32, 65, or 80 — your family, friends, and health are all that matters. Everything else is EXTRA!

It’s time for the eloquent…the sophisticated…the class acts…to step up to the plate and be true leaders…by example…in our communities…our neighborhoods…our homes…our workplaces.

Be a true example of intelligence, peace, calm, levelheadedness.

Live and work by example.

The world needs your Light more than ever…more than you know.

Your words and actions are powerful. Energize them with your inner light.

Take a beautiful walk in the beautiful sunshine and — in the process, send beautiful thoughts and bright shining light towards each of those you see or think of along the way.

Tell yourself all the wonderful things that you’ve been waiting for everyone else to say to you. Tell yourself how wonderful you are; what a good heart you have; how you’re such a good listener, and a good friend. Affirm with yourself just how tremendous a human being you really are. Because what you think of and how you view yourself is what matters the most.

You may be disappointed, depressed, or angry or all three — and more — about any particular issue, situation, or person. But you can’t let those feelings consume you.

You still have a job to do…a family to raise….a friend to console….a business proposal to finish…a school report to complete…a life to live. Don’t neglect your life or your job because you feel out of sorts.

You can make a difference in the world by BEING the difference you want to see.

Don’t spend your life posting on social media how angry you are about the world. Just get back to work — and to living — as joyfully and as productively as possible — for the highest good of all concerned — including you.

We all have different measures, levels, and definitions of success. For me? Success is living joyfully, prosperously, and generously; surrounded by good friends, family, and trusted colleagues, all of whom believe in, support, encourage and invest their time, and yes, sometimes, their money, into making our lives and associations work productively.

Let’s be real: both love and money make the world go ‘round. But it’s about keeping it all in the balance, proper perspective, and priority and true understanding of what that all means — the entire time, keeping your eye on the prize — which is different for everyone, isn’t it?

Food affects mood. It’s all connected.

Be kind…rewind…and forgive the past misgivings of those who hurt you.

Forgive those who don’t fully appreciate you and your enthusiasm for life in general or for them in particular. They just don’t get it, and they might never. But that’s okay. Keep sending Light their way anyway — and keep shining forth across the board.

Remember the graciousness of true sportsmanship.

Stay away from the self-involved and self-absorbed, the bombastic. Gravitate towards the unselfish, the loving-kind, the subdued.

Be happy for the winners…the succeeders…the joyful spirits.

If how others perceive you isn’t working for you, recreate your presentation.

Friendship is sometimes like a piece of fruit: You can only squeeze so much juice before all you’re left with is a little pulp.

Demand it — and settle for nothing less.

Utilize any weakness you may have to make you strong.

It is impossible to please everyone. It doesn’t work. All we can do is be the best we can be…to try our hardest at being as loving-kind and respectful as we can, and move forward every day as joyfully and as generously and as graciously as possible.

Utilize and encourage the sentimental and effective tradition and lost art of sending real cards in the regular mail. Electronic cards are nice, but surely do not match the quality of care, time, and effort that is invested into an old-fashioned, hand-written card.

All the beautiful words in the world are ugly and useless they are lived and believed.

Everyone has their own path. We can listen and maybe heed the advice and counsel of others, for better or for worse. But either way, the decisions are and should always be our own.

You’ve wanted to reach certain goals, and it hasn’t happened yet, and you’re like, “Ok, when is this gonna’ happen?” Be patient. It’ll happen. It’s all about timing. But nothin’ is gonna’ happen if you keep doubting yourself (and others) by diggin’ up the seed you planted. Just keep watering the seed with your faith, belief in your objective, let it go, and let it grow. Meanwhile, too, be happy with what you have already, and where you are. Be as positive as you can be with everything you do and say. And then just sit back and watch for the magic to happen….to have your goal realized and materialized — along with many other wonderful things.

Life is full of disappointments. But that’s okay — just make new appointments!

Eliminate your enemies by making them your friends.

Our bodies are 70% water, just like the Earth. That’s the Universe’s little wink, letting us know that we are all connected.

Sometimes you just have to stop reaching for the burning, hot stars, and instead, just run your hands through the smooth, cool sand.

The simple treasures of life are “out there.” But sometimes you’ll find them with a simple walk in the park.

The grass is always greener when…you “leitgo.”

Laughter is still the best medicine…right alongside music. But not mean-spirited laughter or music…not laughter at the expense of others…not hurtful, maniacal laughter. And not music littered with foul language or accompanied by vulgar videos. But joyful laughter and beautiful music. Those are the ingredients for the best medicine.

“Copernicus called — you’re NOT the center of the Universe.” That’s my favorite line from “Frasier,” when he’s speaking to Niles.

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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