God Doesn’t Give a Flying-Fig What Religion We Are — as Long as We Believe In Love

Love is the Only Thing That Matters

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I was born and raised a Catholic. In my late twenties, I left the Church, and then returned to the Church in my early thirties. During that transition, I studied and researched every other major religion, having read hundreds of books on various spiritual beliefs and creeds.

It was an amazing time in my life. I visited various temples and churches beyond the Catholic faith and soon realized that everyone thought their religion was the “true” or “best” religion, “better” than everyone else’s.

Fortunately, during this study period of various beliefs and creeds, I also realized that each good philosophy or good religion had a measure of love connected to it.

Still, there are also negative aspects to each religion, as there is also a measure of negative aspects of each human being. And within each religion there are “good” and “bad” members of the congregation, most with good intentions. Or at least most thinking they have good intentions.

The entire concept is complex, but human beings are complex. And the study and topic of religion is complex.

But what I learned most through my research is that God, who I have come to define, personally, as “Love,” doesn’t give a flying fig what anyone’s religious or spiritual belief may or may not be, as long as their religious or spiritual belief is based on love. All that matters to the true God of Love in Heaven is that we love. That’s it. Just to love.

It’s what Jesus would do.

It’s what Moses would do.

It’s what Buddha would do.

It’s what Yoda would do.

It’s what Mr. Spock would do, even though he, as a Vulcan, would never admit it.

The truth is, to love is what any kind-hearted soul would do.

As long as we wake up each morning, and make an effort to do good, in some measure along the way…whether that measure is with a kind word, a generous pocket, or a graceful manner, we’re good to go.

Emerson, the great philosopher, once wrote, “No [one] is an island. No [one] goes their way alone. Whatever we send into the lives of others, comes right back into our own.”

Somehow, the law of karma is part of the deal, whether or not we believe in reincarnation or such thoughts. All I know for sure, as Oprah Winfrey might say, is that if all we do, all day long, is send out good thoughts, and do our best to conduct ourselves every day with respect and kindness for others and for the highest good of all concerned, we should be as relatively content.

But if we keep striving for perfection, and saying things like, “My religion is THEE religion,” those kinds of divisive thoughts only contribute to an already broken world that is never going to be fixed anyway.

As far as I can tell, the world is 70% light and 30% darkness — and that’s never going to change. So, we have to do the best we can within that ratio to be as loving-kind, and sweet, and generous, and compassionate with each other — and ourselves, to help it all balance-out.

Part of that balancing act is learning to respect the spiritual beliefs and creeds and religions of others; and to realize that God, or however we name the Creator of the Universe, comes to us as we believe God to be.

Again, for me, God is Love, and Love is God.

That’s my belief; a belief that I never push or force on anyone, mostly because pushing and forcing has nothing to do with Love.

And also mostly because the true God of Love in Heaven doesn’t give a flying fig what religion we are, as long as we believe in Love.

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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