How My Dreams Came True

Herbie J Pilato
2 min readAug 4, 2022

A Successful Path in Reality

I haven’t done everything, but I’ve done a lot. I’m not on any Forbes list of financial wizards or high economic achievers, and I’m not a superstar. I’m just a dude whose dreams have come true; dreams that have been inspired, encouraged, and supported along the way by so many wonderful, generous people who believed in me.

I haven’t made it on my own, and no one ever really does, while I have also done what I can — and still do — to help, encourage, and support others in their dreams.

I’ve not been lucky or fortunate but blessed by Heaven…and not because I’m “special,” but because I work hard to insert Love into everything I do.

In my book, Love=God, and God=Love.

So, I don’t believe in luck or fortune. I believe in Love, which I try to share, experience, embrace and give away every day.

My advice to those seeking “success”?

Go simple. Seek simple. Choose simple.

De-complicate your life by lowering your expectations, and reaching for your closest friend instead of the stars.

Do not let false bravado, the bright lights, or the big city entice you. Follow your dreams, yes. But also follow your heart.

Don’t lose yourself in a maze of contradiction, trying to please everyone. That’s impossible. Just do the best you can. Stay clear of hurting others, and stay on track with shining and bringing your light to the world.

It’s not an easy path, but you can navigate, monitor, and measure it all by holding on to kindness and courage.

As to me?

I still get excited when I sell a new book, watch a favorite TV show, take a walk in the park on a beautiful day, go out to dinner, and other such pleasantries. But none of that is more exciting than feeling loved by Heaven or feeling and sharing love in romance, or with family, friends, and colleagues on Earth.

Herbie J Pilato

Herbie J Pilato is a writer, producer, and TV personality whose books about life and pop culture include THE 12 BEST SECRETS OF CHRISTMAS.