In the School of Life, Loss, and Renewal, You Are Your Own Best Teacher — and Best Friend

How to move on with life after death, trauma, and tragedy

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We all have experienced loss in our lives, whether in the way of losing a loved one, a job, or even something as benign as our hair.

In each case, the struggle is real, and should not be taken lightly.

However, at some point, we must reach the destination of acceptance.

We have to, in order to appropriately and productively move on.

Life is about living, and not just “in the moment” but for the future.

There is nothing that any of us can do about the past. The past is over, done; gone. We can recall it, cherish it, appreciate it, learn from it, and even maybe relish it a little bit. But we can’t embrace it, certainly not to the measure at which point we live in it.

Life is about living is about now, and tomorrow, not yesterday, loving who we are; where we are, today.

Every new year is a time of renewal, an opportunity to refresh or reboot. There is always a chance for reflection, a new beginning, and a new starts. Every day, every second we have the chance to embrace countless opportunities to learn, review, and rewrite our fate; our destinies, combined or singular, alone or with others…with family, friends, colleagues.

Take the chance of today, on today. Take what you can from the past, learn from it and apply it to today…in the most wonderful, exciting and beautiful ways.

Never forget those we have lost; always remember what has brought us to this point; what has shaped us; how we have responded; what has worked; what has not worked; and apply all of it with renewal.

Renew constantly. Rewrite your scripts of life. Be sure to study in the school of thought and life; the academics of who you are unending. Your graduation is forever pending. There is no final exam. There are only teachers, in every form, surrounding you every second.

But know that your most important professor is yourself.

You teach yourself. Ultimately, you are self-taught.

You are the teacher and the student.

You have the ability to instruct yourself.

So, study hard, and live your A-life; a passing grade that will not decide your graduation, but your evolution and, in the process, permit you to not let your life pass you by.

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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