Love is the Stuff that REALLY Matters

Everything else is secondary

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Of course, you want the good things in life; to accomplish as much as you can in your career; to find romantic love; to raise a family, however you may define that term.

But in the process of wanting, desiring, reaching, attaining, and surpassing your accomplishments with specific regard to your career objectives, none of it really matters in the grand scheme of things.

You might think it does, but it really doesn’t. Not even if all the career-and-spiritual gurus go on and on about your “purpose in life”; “why you came into the world,” etc.

Nay. None of it truly matters.

But all that DOES matter in your journey in this world is Love, and how much you have, attain, share, and give away.

That’s it, and nothing else.

Not your fancy title; not your big office, TV-screen, car, or home; not how well you do or did in school; not how many times you’re nominated or win “Employee of the Month”; not your new book; your new TV show, or your new record album; and not one dime of money that you may ear, inherit, or invest along the way; none of it.

In the super big multiverse of existence, not one dang thing matters except Love, and it’s first, second, and third cousins: compassion, kindness, understanding, generosity, forgiveness, and so forth.

Now, that isn’t to say that you should be a schlep and not concern yourself at all with having or finding the right job, or caring about your grades, or having solid life and career goals; because those things are important for you to function in the reality of this world.

But, again, in the big-picture scheme of things, it’s the “L-O-V-E” you have in your heart; the “L-O-V-E” that you share and give away along the way is that the thing that matters the most.

All that matters is Love.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to be a schlep. But just keep your priorities in line.

In my view, our journey in this world, and subsequent final destination is like a rocket soaring into space. The pieces of us that we don’t need, such as everything that is NOT Love, fall away we move closer to the Light of God’s embrace — until all that is left is the little capsule that holds our soul.

When that time comes, every one of our separate capsules are filled with every loving thought and every act of loving kindness that we ever displayed on Earth — and they will then be bundled together, magnified, multiplied and showcased in Heaven; that’s a personal, immeasurable, immortal — and priceless legacy that each of us leaves behind on Earth, as our truest essence, the Love we own, share, and give away, journeys with and rests with us forever, in Heaven, where we will get to relive every sweet embrace; every act of Loving-kindness, compassion, generosity and understanding, for all time, and every time, again, and again, on into forever.

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