Never Turn Down An Invitation

Just Say “YES!” To What Become The “Keys” To Success In Life and Career

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I’ve needed a new key-chain for quite some time.

It’s not something you really think about purchasing when you’re out and about…especially in the hectic pace of living in Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, a key-chain is a near necessity that serves a purpose.

Key-chains keep things together…they help you organize the various aspects of your life:

Your house key…your car keys…your mailbox key…your safety-deposit box key, etc.

In all, you need a key-chain to “connect the dots,” so to speak.

I moved to Burbank, CA a few years ago, and I wanted to get one and “re-connect” those dots.

But again — I just haven’t had the chance.

Except until one day in Burbank…when a generous friend invited me to lunch on the lot of a major film studio where his office is located.

Before I left to meet him, I grabbed my keys, merely held together with a tiny, fragile silver ringlet, and thought to myself — as I had many times in the last few weeks, “Man — I gotta’ get a key-chain.”

I then went to meet my friend at the studio and, after treating me to a delicious meal in the executive dining room, he further invited me to the studio gift shop.

“Come on,” he said, “I’ll buy you a souvenir.”

So, we walked into the gift shop, and the first thing my friend said was, “How ‘bout a key chain?”

After being stunned for a second, I replied, “Perfect!”

Moral of the story: I learned a long time ago to never turn down a kind invitation…whether to a party…a vacation…a lunch…or just to meet a friend.

For every invitation is a sign as to which next proverbial step you are to take — a link — in the key-chain of life.

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