Random Connected Positive Thoughts

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You can’t expect someone to understand your particular life experience, situation, or perspective if that person or group of individuals has never gone through that experience.

You can’t expect a rich man to understand a poor man’s plight unless that rich man was once poor.

You can’t expect an accountant to understand how to dance unless they’re a dancing accountant.

You can appreciate and respect any individual’s perspective just as much as you want them to respect and at least “be understanding” of yours.

“Understanding” and “being understanding” are two different things.

“Understanding” and “being understood” are two different things.

As long as there is a “mutual understanding” of respect between all parties, great points, and beautiful compromises can be made, along with great relationships of every description — all of which results in peace and contentment for all concerned.

Forgive the self-involved, and self-absorbed. They have either been told how beautiful and wonderful they are their entire lives, or they’ve become so bitter by life’s struggles, that they have closed themselves off from the world.

The self-involved have been “spoiled” beyond measure, in more ways than one. They don’t know how to see past their nose, despite their face of indignation.

Lead the way by example — by loving-kindness — which melts the hearts of all and the walls between them.

If you have been blessed with purity of body, mind, spirit, health, and riches, you are not one of the “lucky” ones, but rather, one of the “lovely” ones.

There is no such thing as “luck”; there is only love.

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