Some Thoughts on a Few Classic — and Not-So-Classic — Films

Exploring the Retro Cinematic Universe

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Below are links to individual articles that I wrote about a few feature films, ranging from 1958’s King Creole starring Elvis Presley to the new Mary Poppins that graced the screen in 2019.

While I explore the dichotomy (and inescapable irony) between films like Grease (1) (1978) to Grease 2 (1982) and analyze Man of Steel (2013) in comparison to other Superman movies, I also go outside the box and uncover the classic TV connections to the Rocky movies (which began in 1976), and share some personal insight into what it was like to meet Charleton Heston’s family at a special screening (in 2011) of a restored edition of Cecil B. Demille’s second edition of The Ten Commandments (initially released in 1956; his first was a silent version that premiered in 1923).

So, pop some corn — and let’s get crackin’.

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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