Some Universal Random Thoughts About Us and the World — And How We’re All Connected

A few brain gains for the thinking mind, body, heart, soul, and galaxy

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Our bodies are 70% water, just like the Earth. That’s the Universe’s little wink, letting us know that we are all connected.

We are not our bodies…and we are not spirits in bodies. But we are souls living, temporarily, in these physical bodies on Earth.

And spirits, positive and negative, “good” and “evil,” attach themselves to our bodies, for better or for worse, while we are here.

The “evil” spirits are those like hatred, jealousy, alcoholism, destructive addictions.

The “good spirits are those such as peace, joy, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and Love.

So, how do we attract only “good” spirits and repel “evil” spirits?

Mostly, by bathing our bodies on a daily basis, and keeping and filling and strengthening our minds and hearts by doing “good” for others.

Sometimes you just have to stop reaching for the burning, hot stars, and instead, just run your hands through the smooth, cool sand

The simple treasures of life are “out there.” But sometimes you’ll find them with a simple walk in the park.

The grass is always greener when…you “leitgo.”

Laughter is still the best medicine…right alongside music. But not mean-spirited laughter or music…not laughter at the expense of others…not hurtful, maniacal laughter. And not music littered with foul language or accompanied by vulgar videos. But joyful laughter and beautiful music. Those are the ingredients for the best medicine.

“Copernicus called — you’re NOT the center of the Universe.” That’s my favorite line from “Frasier,” when he’s speaking to Niles.

For further reading on the “Universal Mind,” click the link below.

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