Sorry — There Is Something (Too) Seriously Wrong With The Way New Scripted [Fiction] TV Shows and Movies Are Made Today

Everybody Mumbles And Looks The Same — Everything Is Too Edgy

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I watched some new television show the other night because I always try to watch new TV shows and at least give them a chance.

But those chances are becoming far and few between because, sorry — I am simply and sadly repelled by the way some of these new shows are produced, presented and performed.

Exhibit A: What I Observed

Some dark character, on what is a dark show, was being tormented by some other dark character. And the one being tormented said something to their tormentor, though I’m not sure what — because the tormented character was grinding their teeth through every line of dialogue, amidst the scene being filmed in bleak, dingy cinematography with the constant annoying music score (i.e. “noise”!) that usually blares in the background of all new TV shows today.

So, much so, I screamed at the set, and said, “What? What are you saying?!! I can’t understand one word you’re saying! Open your mouth! Speak clearly. Stop whispering! And shut off that music!”

But no one listened.

So, I shut off the TV instead, and went to bed — and had nightmares.

Good job, new dark-TV-makers.

Here’s The Thing…

The thing is, not only can’t I understand what anyone’s saying on TV shows today (because all the actors mumble their lines), and not only are all the characters ultimately caricatures (with actors performing seemingly one-actor shows instead of interacting with each other), and not only do the actors look and sound the same (everybody’s acerbic and beautiful and lacking diversity) — but ultimately, the “realistic” lighting with which shows are filmed/taped/digitized today just plain, well — sucks.

Who really knows if all the actors look alike?

I can’t SEE them.

The lighting is too dark, not bright enough, muddled, just like the delivery of dialogue.

Where is the vibrancy and clarity of the lighting from TV days of old?

Where is the vibrancy and clarity of the performers and their lines?

Where is the vibrancy and clarity, period?!

I simply cannot hear anybody on the new TV shows.

I can’t see anybody.

Everything is too dark, in lighting and tone.

All the characters are unhappy, sad, miserable sacks.

It’s all just a drag.

The Sound Barriers

And much of probably has to do with bad sound editing — and dreadful sound mixing.

No one seems to know how to balance that all out — probably because there are too many cooks in the producing kitchen.

Additionally, there’s not one singular creative supervising force who can control it all.

The actors want to be seen and heard, but they get drowned out the entertainment unions that protect the sound guys and the special effects peeps.

Everyone, as a result, has to “get their say,” and the result is a muddled mess — made worse by the constant commercial interruption.

It’s Just Not The Same — And Not From A Nostalgic Point of View Either

In short: watching TV is no longer an enjoyable experience…beyond classic shows…and some contemporary ones…on DVD.

The same goes for going to the movies.

But it’s worse, actually, where everything is just too dang loud, in between all the actors mumbling their lines in overly-dark-scenes, in lighting and tone.


That’s how I feel.

I know that’s not a popular opinion.

But it’s how I feel.

And I wish I felt differently.

But I don’t

And I feel this way because I care.

I want scripted television and film to thrive with great storytelling.

I really, really do.

But I just ain’t seeing, hearing or feeling it.

And I’m not sure when I will.

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Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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