What We Can All Learn From Tip Employees

The Generous And The Few

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Wherever you go in Los Angeles, I either worked there or got lost there.

That’s one of my running jokes.

But that’s also the truth.

Decades ago — when I first moved to L. A., I held many a waiter and hotel front desk position in various restaurants, hotels, and private country clubs in the local and surrounding counties. I was trained on how important it was to offer my service with a smile and enthusiasm. “The bigger the smile,” I was told by more than one supervisor, “…the bigger the tip.”

Today, at the other end of the spectrum, I find myself dining out a lot…entertaining clients, vendors, and business associates during various meetings for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I always try to pick up the tab, which means I’m also the one who leaves the tip, both because I always try to be a generous guy, whenever I can.

(Yeah, I believe in karma.)

Anyway, because I frequent certain establishments (specifically in the Cerritos and Burbank areas), I am familiar with a plethora of waiters and waitresses and vice versa. However, some, not all, but some of them only smile at me when they serve me or my given-party. On certain days, if I am served by a colleague of theirs, those individuals do not smile at me. Apparently, because there is nothing in it for them.

When this happens, I think, “Geeze, I thought that waitress (or waiter) was a really nice person. But they were only smiling at me to get a good tip.”

Tipper Galore

I still always give a good tip, even if I am served in a less-worthy manner (or even without a smile from my own server)…and I do so, not only because of the karma thing but also because I’ve “been there,” and I get it.

Which leads me to consider this:

What if we ALL smiled and each other….and did for one another in the highest regard on a daily basis? What if we treated each other as if we were going to “tip” one another for our kind demeanor?

What a different world it would be.

Everyone would be walking around smiling at each other and while there would not be any “tips,” per se, the result would be even more profitable:

If we all “pretended” that every smile we gave would be returned with a “monetary tip,” we would, in the process, be blessed if not financially, but physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually…on so many levels. Because ultimately a smile can work more wonders in our lives…for the health….not only of our bodies…but for the health of our minds and our spirit.

In turn, as well, we would be more generous with others, and most likely end up “paying it forward” in countless additional ways that we would not even be able to measure; and then, in double return, we would reap the “benefits” of our generosity, ten-fold.

It’s All About the “A-Life”!

In other words, the best way to live your A-Life is to do for others when there is absolutely nothing in it for you.

Then watch how you start to receive everything you’ve ever wanted.

Pollyanna-esque, you may say?

And you may be right.

But as the years go by, we apply, and, hopefully, learn from our life experiences.

So, naturally, we become more mature, and generous, as time goes on.

The key is to find moderation in all we do…to not let bitterness be the singular result from disappointments — and yet, also — to not become completely selfish when things may, for a time at least, continually go our way.

Whether or not we are on the giving or receiving end of a big tip.

It has to do with things like nobility and dignity. These are the traits of a sincere and superior humanity. Add to those a sense of humor, a strong mind, and a loving-kind heart and you will have a combined true purpose whether you are being served or serving, at a restaurant or in any spectrum of life. In the process of it all, you become a super being, invincible to the cares of the world, and uh huh — if it’s in line with any spiritual or religious beliefs you may have, you will be blessed in the eyes of heaven.

While others struggle, you will soar.

While others seek and pine, you will find.

It’s not rocket science. I mean, it really isn’t.

The Road Least Soared

Your path is of the higher road, less traveled; paved with good preventions that protect you from the dark…in which you find yourself less and less because you become part of the Light…by way of your kind and generous manner. It’s all about balance, being able to make mature decisions; being responsible, taking and being in charge of our lives at every turn. And along the way, utilizing the very special gift of kindness, ensuring in turn that we never lose the child’s heart and carefree spirit.

Because the alternative — being mean and selfish and stingy, whether your the patron or the waiter, ain’t all that appealing either, irrespective of whether or not you believe in karma.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

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