…the Sky’s the Limit

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You can’t wait for people to give you one single opportunity; you have to make your own opportunities (in plural).

In other words, you have to blaze your own trail, without limitation, because the sky’s the limit.

That’s right.

Your potential to succeed with everything in life depends on you, and your initiative; your ability to make connections; to network, to create, to love, to choose wisely, to invest in all the right opportunities; to know the difference between a smart decision and a not-so-smart decision; and to have patience, understanding, and discretion along the way.

Yep — it’s all about you, but in an unselfish way — which means you will succeed without limitation by placing others, first. …

A Holiday Retro-Spective

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1] A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS (CBS, 1965): Directed by Bill Melendez. Written by Charles Schulz.

Young voice-over talent Peter Robbins made his indelible mark as Charlie Brown in this poignant holiday classic that spawned a series of similar specials for every holiday. Here, Charlie Brown searches for the true meaning of Christmas and the perfect tree. While directing a school play, he ultimately finds both, though not before our young low-achiever is confronted by a number of obstacles. …

A Little “Retro-Spective”

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I.] Thou shall be like Kwai Chang Caine of Kung Fu, and respect the creeds of all good religions and spiritual beliefs.

II.] Thou shall honor thy mother and father as gracefully as Theodore and Wally Cleaver, and honor thy children with as much loving-kindness as Uncle Bill showers upon Buffy, Jody, and Cissy.

III.] Thou shall liken thyself unto Samantha and Darrin, and respect one to the other’s differences and concentrate on what makes all of every nation and diversity the same (our common humanity).

IV.] Thou shall be like that girl Ann Marie and that boy Don Hollinger, and respect one to the other purely, based initially on sincere affection which later transforms into truly committed love (at which time noble physical pleasure replaces vacant lust). …

A Tried and True Method To Success in Life and Career

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We all admire the confident people of the world.

We all want to be the confident people of the world.

And there’s a way to do and be both.

I do it every day.

Even when I’m down, I’m feeling up and make the best of my day.

And in the process, I toot my own horn.


And you should, too.

Because if you don’t, others might or might not.

So, that just leaves you.

And you can always depend on you.

When you let yourself depend on you — and don’t listen to anybody’s bunk. …

Memories of a Pretty Patch of Land and Blue Sky

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Image by Joao Ferrao from UnSplash

While growing up in Rochester, New York, I attended several parochial schools. The first, being St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic School, which I attended from kindergarten to 6th grade, and which was located on Brown Street.

My sister Pam and our cousin Evie attended St. Pete’s, too. And most of the time, my father, or one of my aunts or uncles would take us to and from school from our double house on Erie Street, which was about a mile away from St. Pete’s. …

…And How It Relates To Food (Sort Of)

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Wisdom does not usually evolve from living a carefree life. Sometimes, it’s the challenges that make us wiser. But — at some point, you can still be wise and carefree — and content, even in the midst of struggles.

Some of us are born into wealth and privilege. Some of us are blessed with everything and anything that this world calls secure. Some of us are granted gifts of every measure.

However any of that is explained, whether it be karma or a mystery, one thing is for certain: Whatever one’s status, class, cultural, religious, or spiritual distinction is in this world, no one makes it on their own. …

One Small Self-Assessment Will Make A Big Difference in the World

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(Image by Alex Iby from Unsplash)

I’ve played the moving game countless times…too many to remember. And I used to think, “Gosh — I can’t throw THAT out!” But you know what? I did. And you know what else? I don’t miss ANY of the stuff I threw out, gave away or donated.

There were many treasured items that I gave to friends and family, and those items will as a result always remain treasures, now in the possession of those I love and hold dear. But the other stuff? …

It’s the Healthy Choice

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If you’re not with your “dream girl” or your “dream guy,” and you’re with the wrong person just because you don’t want to be alone, or because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, or because you figure, “Well, we’ve been together so long, why change now?” I earnestly suggest you “get jiggy with it” and start living your authentic life.

You’re not doing anyone any favors, especially yourself, by staying with someone you don’t really love, or just because it’s convenient. …

A “Retro”-Spective of My Life and Career

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[Artwork by Erik Sean Wolff]

Many Pages were excited by the frequent showbiz interactions that were accessible and provided by a major TV network facility. Some found work within and outside of the industry. Others found their job only uncovered a depressing, even insulting Hollywood experience.

For me, it was, and he says, “da’ bomb,” and I write about it all in NBC & ME: MY LIFE AS A PAGE IN A BOOK — A MOCK MEMOIR OF MY BIG ’80s DAZE WITH THE PEACOCK NETWORK (Bear Manor Media).

Some of my other pop-culture/media tie-in books, include MARY: THE MARY TYLER MOORE STORY and TWITCH UPON A STAR: THE BEWITCHED LIFE AND CAREER OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY. And I am also the host of THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a classic TV talk show now streaming on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK. …

Leave the Messaging to Western Union

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Today, TV shows and movies have to be “about something”; they have to have a cause; be life-changing; share a message.

I say, “Baloney!” And as countless have rallied for and said for years, leave the messaging to Western Union.

I want my big and small screen adventures to be nothing more or less than entertaining. If those same films and television programs happen to have a heartwarming message somewhere in between the telling of their stories, that’s fine.

But in my book, TV series and movie-house cinema adventures should be nothing but joyful excursions of pure delight. …


Herbie J Pilato

Herbie J Pilato writes about pop-culture, stays positive, and hosts THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a TV talk show on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK.

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